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The Divorced Woman's Guide to Sidestep the Red Flags, Delight in Dating and Find the Love You Deserve

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All the men out there seem exactly like your ex. -so why bother? Frustrated and confused by this whole new dating life that you find yourself in these days?

Where to start? What to say? Are there any good guys out there anyway? But you know you don't want to spend the rest of your life alone.

Dating after divorce does not have to be a minefield designed to blow up your belief that you can find your ideal relationship. You can absolutely navigate through this to find that there is someone out there who is exactly what you are looking for.

Too Scared To Love Again will provide you with a pathway to navigate this minefield in order to find someone out there who is exactly what you are looking for.

  • Learn about the best places to meet the right men
  • Uncover who you are actually looking for
  • Discover how to weed out those red flags.
  • Understand how to present yourself in the best way ( bikini NOT necessary!))
  • Utilize the lessons learned from your past relationship to find the man you deserve.

Don't waste time on any more one off coffee dates with men who can't stop talking about themselves. Get this book today and find someone who is interested in who you are.


Fiona Eckersley is an Author, Confidence Coach and Divorce Recovery Expert who has utilized her own journey through midlife divorce to help clients in their 40’s and beyond gain confidence and blast through their own fears and challenges. Fiona is a mother of four children and two extremely spoilt dogs. Although originally from the North of England, she has lived In America for almost 30 years.

"Too Scared To Love Again is a brilliantly written book on a tough subject. I have been divorced for 4 years. I have never once had the nerve to try dating again. This book gave me the courage to start the process of opening up to the idea and to start building my self confidence. Thank you Fiona! You gave me the power to start to believe in myself again!" - Kathleen

"This book is incredibly inspirational. Fiona is relatable and her writing style makes her reader feel like they've just sat down to visit with an understanding friend. I can't recommend this book enough to every single/divorced woman who has any experience with dating and being played. I highly recommend this quick read. You'll probably want to read it at least twice just to make sure no tidbit gets left behind. Enjoy!!" -Audrey

"This book is a great read for anyone who is divorced and is at any stage of dating, including wanting to be single. Fiona has captured every angle to dating and included things that I would not have thought about. Fiona uses her own experience along with others to capture the lessons learned to help us avoid the pitfalls and to set boundaries so that we can actually enjoy the process. My favorite part was recognizing the value of loving ourselves enough to expect good treatment and instead of rushing into dating, to be sure we really know ourselves and what we want before we start. This book changed my thoughts on dating after divorce." - Christine

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